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Schopfers approach and process for design and planning of Interiors Projects





All Interior Projects at Schopfer start with a detailed Case Study and Research on the finalized Theme derived from the Branding Process.

Building upon the Foundation of Branding & Research an overall Theme for the project is closed on in accordance with the Brand Positioning.

Smart utilization of Area and maximum Efficiency are the governing factors while conceptualizing the layout. Design Standards for Elements & Circulation are strictly followed during this stage.




In parallel to layouts, creation of Interesting Spaces with Play of Outdoors & Volume is worked on to provide a Prime Experience to the Users.

Based on the Iconic Elements derived from the Brand Positioning and Theme, detailed Elements are worked on to provide a Complete and Engulfing Experience of the Space.

We believe that even Minimal Designs can be brought to Life with appropriate use of Finishes. The Texture, Beauty & Feel of finishes leaves a definitive and first hand impression in the minds of Users.




Lighting is the most influential and governing factor which can radically influence the Ambiance of a Space. We at Schopfer harness this potential of Light to Uplift the Space and provide a stunning experience to our Users.

Visualization empowers us at Schopfer with the capability to achieve all the above prior to the actual execution in order to not only produce stunning visuals but also as a tool to experiment with various possibilities of Space, Finishes & Lighting.

We at Schopfer do not allow Budget Constrains to limit our Imaginations as we strongly believe that there are always a cost effective ways of achieving the same Design with Smart use of Materials & Details.

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