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Schopfers approach and process for design and planning of Architectural Projects





Every Assignment goes through an elaborate process of Research & Development to study the latest Trends and Norms on Global Arena, thus enabling us to undertake Architectural Projects of any Type.

We strongly believe in efficient utilization of space and hence we incorporate interiors planning including Furniture & Circulation on Architectural level for all projects in order to achieve the most optimum sizes of Spaces.

Form defines the Personality of a Structure and hence at Schopfer we integrate Form with Planning in a Parallel Process from initial stage.




The experience of pure beauty of Architecture from inside is achieved by Space Quality and Play of Light, which at Schopfer is the third parallel influence on Planning.

Visualization has always been a strong hold of Schopfer in exploring the possibilities of Form & Space Quality and successfully expressing our design inside out to our Clients.

Forms are built with imagination and rules of Physics do not apply on them. However Structure is influenced by Gravity and hence at Schopfer we employ considerable efforts to integrate the Structure into our Form and hide it successfully in order to transform our Imaginations into Reality.

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