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Thermal Analysis at Schopfer provides data for Smart Modifications in Structure to improve Thermal Performance


HVAC is amongst the highest Energy Consuming services of a Structure and Smartly Designed structure can drastically reduce Energy Demands of HVAC Systems.


In Warmer regions Thermal Analysis is focused more to avoid Heat Gain from Environment and the Data derived is used to modify the Design Form, Shade overhang, location of Insulated Walls, Cavity Walls and Low-e Glass.


In Colder regions Thermal Analysis is more focused in designing methods to avoid Heat Loss from the Structure, thus reducing the Heating loads on the system.


Since with Thermal Analysis we are able to detect the parts of Structure which are contributing most to Heat Gain or Loss, we are able to Selectively Protect that specific area instead of the Whole Structure, thus resulting in sizable Cost Savings in overall Project Expenditure.

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