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As a responsible Design Firm Schopfer is committed to Global cause of Sustainable Design.


Schopfer strongly believes in the philosophy of One Earth Limited Resources. As a responsible Design Firm committed to Global cause of Sustainable Design, Schopfer always seeks Green Building Solutions in every aspect of Design.


At Schopfer layouts are designed not only for maximum Efficiency, but also from minimum construction point of view. The Optimum we construct, the lesser the load on environment and more the Cost Savings in maintenance & energy consumption on long term.


We have always adopted alternate modes of constructions with Local Materials wherever possible in conjunction with Advances Materials like Low-e Glass which permits Light to pass through however block the Solar Heat.


Schopfer is always engaged in use of Green Products like Lead Free Paints, Galvalume Sheeting, Flyash Construction, PPR Pipes etc. which are environmentally safe and do not involve use of Hazardous Materials.


Our Design Firm uses advance Light simulations in order to achieve maximum utilization of Natural Light, thus reducing the Energy Demands of the Building during days. High efficiency LED Light contributes towards Night Time energy savings for most Schopfer Designed spaces.


More Energy savings from Heat Gain perspective are achieved by use of efficient insulation, Cavity Walls or PUF Panels on the basis of the data derived from our advance simulations of Thermal Analysis.


Waste Management is achieved by use of Sewage Treatment Plants for larger projects and efficient Septic Tanks for smaller projects.


Schopfer has always adopted & promoted Green Technologies from the construction Industry and has constantly been instrumental in creating awareness amongst our Clients.

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