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Schopfer aopts BIM - Virtual Construction for Architectural & Interior Projects


Schopfer has been amongst the early adopter of BIM for Architectural and Interiors Projects throughout the process of Conceptualization, Construction Documents to Project Management in complete.


Standard CAD Drawings though had advantages to perform changes quicker over Manual Drawings, also had severe limitations. Complex design and forms would be difficult no only to interpret in 2D drawings by professional but is also a challenge for a Client to understand. Moreover Design & Drawing flaws made with a standard 2D CAD system is very difficult to detect unless actually constructed, rectifying which would have intense commercial reparations.


BIM – Building Information Modeling overcomes all limitations of conventional 2D Drawings and has now become dominant tool at Schopfer. With BIM we are able to virtually construct all our projects prior to construction. This not only helps us convert our Concepts into Construction Drawings, but also provides us with critical insights into complex areas of Structure for Architectural, Structural or MEP complications in advance.


Since Construction Drawings are generated from the same BIM model, any possibility of contradictions between Plans, Elevations & Sections is totally eliminated.


Virtual Construction not only aids our Engineers in making complex decisions, but also acts as a tool for Lighting Analysis & Thermal Analysis of our projects.


Since Bill of Quantities is generated on software level in BIM, we at Schopfer are able to generate accurate Construction Cost especially for Architectural Projects based on the quantities of Material analyzed in BIM.

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