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Kwench Plant Designed by Schopfer is a Packaged Drinking Water Plant owned by Yakshshri Beverages Pvt. Ltd. It is amongst the Pioneering Projects in Beverages Industry to adopt Green Building Design & Sustainable Architecture Concepts.


A typical Production Factory is a Non Glamorous, Bare Minimum and Purely Functional Metal Shed with no Aesthetics Value.


Yakshshri Beverages - a New Entrant in Packaged Drinking Water with their Kwench Brand were willing to Change this. Our challenge was to create a Form which gave an Ultra-Modern, High-Tech and International Personality to the Plant.


In Order to reduce Energy Demands, we at Schopfer opted to Design a Naturally Ventilated System and Naturally illuminated structure. However maintaining Comfort Levels in a Metal Enclosure can be a big challenge.




Full length Louvers were provided along the Top of Right & Left Face of the structure to facilitate Natural extraction of Hot Air that rises towards the high Roof.

Mono Roof Design was adopted so as to avoid Roof extractors which are prone to leakage and also to enhance Natural Ventilation due to the Funneling Effect.

Large Fins along the Front & Back Face of the structure amplify the suction of internal air due to funneling effect from winds flowing along the Front/Back axis. These winds arise due to the Mountain located on the far Front of Site.





The Building was oriented optimally on the basis of data received from Thermal Analysis done at Schopfer so as to reduce the Heat Gain from the Sun throughout the year.


Since the whole structure is Naturally Illuminated & Ventilated, it becomes necessary to design the openings so as to permit light while restricting Heat Gain.

As per the Data derived from Thermal Analysis, no openings were provided on the Back Face of the Structure. The Left & Right Face has few openings and the Front Face has the Maximum Opening.

Low-E Glass is used throughout the structure to permit Visible Spectrum of Light to pass through in the interiors, while cutting the Infra-Red & Ultra-Violet Spectrum of Light, thus reducing the heat load on the structure from openings.



Insulation a Metal Building to reduce Heat Gain can be a Costly Affair.  In order to control the Project Cost, we at Schopfer opted to provide Selective Insulation on the basis of data derived from Solar Heat Gain on all Surfaces through Thermal Analysis. Thus faces of building which received the Maximum Solar Radiation per unit area were provided with maximum insulation.

A total Cost Saving of 25% was achieved in the overall Project Estimate due to selective Insulation.

Color can highly influence the Heat Gain of structure and hence the Roof which received Maximum radiation per unit area as per our analysis was provided with Reflective Bare Galvalume Sheeting, whereas the Back face received Ivory Colored Sheeting. Left & Right face being average in Heat gain due to Solar Radiation received Pale Eucalyptus Color Sheeting for Aesthetic purpose.


Kwench Plant is Naturally Illuminated throughout the Day & Lighting Analysis was used to analyze the dark pockets in the plant. Appropriate measures were taken to rectify the issue and provide desired Lux Levels throughout the Plant by natural means.

Strategically placed Window openings on the Wall Faces provide Natural light and outdoor view from the plant. However the Main source of Light for the depth of the plant is successfully achieved by use of Skylights.

Skylights provide diffused light throughout the plant while cutting Solar Glare and their percentage is calculated so as to provide desired illumination without adding to Heat Gain from Roof.


Kwench Plant of Yakshashri Beverages derives its source of Water for Packaged Drinking Water from the Ground Table below on Site.


Considering this fact, intense care was taken at Schopfer to avoid contamination of Ground table.

All Colored Galvalume Sheeting installed were factory painted with Lead Free Paint having Green Certification. No Hazardous Chemicals were used in the constituents of the chemicals used in the Paint or the Painting process. Same is applicable to Painted Plastered surfaces.

Industrial Flooring installed for Plant Flooring has passed Green Certification and does not contain any harmful agent which may contaminate water table.


As a Sustainable Design Initiative, Rain Water Harvesting has been installed in Kwench Plant to recharge the Ground table.


Non contaminated Roof Water is collected during Rain and channelized to Two Soak Pits through pipes.

However all Surface water from Internal Roads in Site is collected in a sump and discarded outside the Site as it may contain Grease and Contaminants brought into the site from Trucks & Vehicles that arrive.


Kwench Plant does not have access to local drainage system of Karjat. Hence to avoid contamination of Ground Water and Surrounding STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) was installed to digest waste.

High Rate Anaerobic Reactor Technology from Autark Switzerland is used to treat Sewage on Site and Treated Water derived is used for Flushing and Landscaping purpose.


Pre Engineered Building Construction consists of Assembling on Site a Custom Designed, Pre-Fabricated Building manufactured under controlled Factory Environment and dispatched to Site in Parts.


Speed of Construction & Lower Construction Cost are the Key Advantages of PEB Construction over Standard RCC Construction. Under favorable conditions the superstructure of PEB Factory can be completed in less than a month at a Cost One Third as that of RCC Construction.

Another advantage of PEB Construction over RCC is in the Large Column Free Spans that are offered by this Technology of up to 24M Clear in an economical price. Even larger spans are possible at added cost of Construction.


Kwench Plant was Designed & Detailed at Schopfer: Architects + Interior Designers in conjunction with Technical inputs from Engineers at Aster. The whole Plant was fabricated at Hyderabad facility of Aster under controlled processes using Computerized Cutting & Welding Machines under Strict Tolerances and Standards.

Parts dispatched to Site only require Bolting during erection and hence provide a speedy mode of execution.


Since the whole plant is constructed using Treated Steel of High Quality, the plant holds a High Resale Value at the End of its Life Cycle and hence is 100% Recyclable as against RCC Construction.

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