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Kwench Cafeteria Designed by Schopfer: Architects + Interior Designers is a Cafeteria & Accommodation Facility which houses a Grand Double Height Dinning Hall which also serves as a Multi-Purpose hall with an in-house Kitchen. Guest & Directors Accommodation is provided on the upper level for Yakshshri Beverages Pvt. Ltd.


Kwench Brand’s philosophy was to create a Modern, Corporate and State of the Art Brand in a sector dominated by few key players.


Kwench Cafeteria tries to reflect that same Corporate Personality of the Brand with Clean and Elegant Form.


The Facade has Three Main Pillars with Base engulfing a Tree. It’s a reflection of the Three Directors who strongly believe in conserving Nature and Living Green. The Two Frames on Both sides represent the Defined Framework of the Organization. Glass panels between all Three Pillars expresses the Transparency of the Organization.


Red signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. Hence it’s painted on Stairs to communicate the formula for growth in Kwench.


Kwench Cafeteria is throughout Naturally Illuminated with Daylight across the Day. Low-E Glass used for Kwench Cafeteria allows Sunlight to enter the space while cutting off the Ultraviolet & Infra-Red spectrum of Light, thus eliminating Heat Gain due to Sunlight.


Data derived from Thermal Analysis at Schopfer acted as guidelines for provision of Cavity Walls on Faces which received most Solar Radiation per Unit Area.


Being a Naturally Ventilated Structure, Glazed Openings were strategically placed to maximize Natural Ventilation.

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